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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

50th birthday card

This card was made for a friend's 50th birthday, and is a download from Craftsuprint, but I don't recall who was the designer, and it's not printed on the sheet.  There was a lot of cutting out to do for the decoupage, which took some time, and I also punched out some gold grape leaves, and made a bunch of grapes from some burgundy coloured beads and wire.

I altered the base of the card slightly and put a strip of card across to take the grapes and leaves (the grapes were very hard to stick on and I resorted to sticky pads and red tape!), and I also added a couple of extra layers of decoupage.  It was quite a time-consuming card, but the recipient was delighted with it, (and his wife and daughters) so that made it all worthwhile.  I also made a box for this card, as it was quite bulky, particularly with the beaded grapes!

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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

75th birthday card for "Grandad seaside"

My daughter's father-in-law, "Grandad seaside" was 75 on Sunday, so I decided on a decoupage card from Craftsuprint, designed by Sandie Burchell.  This kit is beautifully designed, and comes with various numbers for special birthdays, and sentiments for other occasions.

These cards are quite complex to make, with lots of cutting and folding, but the resulting card is all you could hope for.  This one comes out at about 8" x 8", and stands up on a triangular base, with slots at the top, but it folds flat for posting, which is really helpful.

The reverse of the card is quite similar (not shown, because I forgot to take the picture!) but has the sentiment in the panel on the back, instead of the books and birthday message.  I printed all the decoupage pieces onto heavyweight glossy photo paper, and then coloured all the edges of the decoupage with brown and beige copic markers before I started to assemble this.  If anyone is going to do something similar, I suggest leaving the printed photo pages to dry really well before starting to cut them out, as I made the mistake of being too eager, resulting in having to print one page again.  I'd put in a new printer cartridge to get a really fresh colour print, and didn't realise that it was still quite tacky.  I won't be doing that again!

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